5 Best Cycle Apps For Android and iOS – What about ANT+ ?

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Here are some of the best cycling apps. You probably know about them. Well most of them. I bet you don’t know about IpBike. Super-cool as it supports ANT+ sensors on smartphones with native ANT+ eg Samsung S4 and above and sony Z3. I’ve added it to my recent list of most downloaded sports apps.

Strava Cycling (iOS, Android)

We all know and love Strava and it is getting ever-closer links with integration of elements of its functionality with the big boys…Garmin, Suunto, Polar and others.

Cyclemeter (iOS)

It’s got all the standard stuff and also LOTS of comparison charts/tools.

Endomondo (iOS, Android)

All the necessary stuff plus news feeds from your friends. (Do all your friends use Endomondo?)

IpBike  (Android)

ANT+ support…great. Landscape mode shown below with more data fields that even you need!


Map My Ride (iOS, Android)

Great with saving and sharing routes.

Android App Name Est. Reviews Rating Aug-15
Runtastic running & fitness 10,000,000 423,221 4.5 Link
Nike+ Running 10,000,000 359,673 4.4 Link
Runkeeper GPS Track Run Walk 10,000,000 307,507 4 Link
Endomondo 10,000,000 248,918 4.4 Link
My Tracks (Google) 10,000,000 193,028 4.2 Link
Google Fit 5,000,000 129849 4 Link
Strava Running & Cycling GPS 1,000,000 129,777 4.6 Link
Sports Tracker 5,000,000 123,121 4.5 Link
Runtastic Running Pro 1,000,000 121,762 4.6 Link
Mapmyfitness – Run 5,000,000 95,250 4.5 Link
Fitbit 10,000,000 81,226 4.0 Link
Runtastic Road Bike 1,000,000 67,011 4.5 Link
Mapmyfitness – Walk 1,000,000 57,329 4.4 Link
Mapmyfitness – Ride 1,000,000 55,576 4.4 Link
adidas micaoch 1,000,000 51,780 4.3 Link
Runtastic Mountain Bike 1,000,000 40,492 4.5 Link
Garmin connect 1,000,000 24,478 3.4 Link
Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro 50,000 12,144 4.6 Link
Runtastic Road Bike Pro 50,000 11,518 4.6 Link
Polar Flow 100,000 7,406 3.1 Link
Jawbone Up 500,000 5,609 4.1 Link
Polar Beat 100,000 3,541 3.3 Link
Training Peaks 100,000 2,746 4.3 Link
TomTom MySports 50,000 2,008 2.9 Link
Ride with GPS 100,000 1,927 4.1 Link
Wahoo Fitness 50,000 1,782 4.0 Link
Suunto Movescount 50,000 1,731 2.7 Link
Samsung Activity Tracker 100,000 1,587 3.3 Link
Under Armour Record 50,000 1,563 4.1 Link
IpBike 100,000 1,225 4.3 Link
Microsoft Health 50,000 957 4.0 Link
MIO Go 10,000 892 2.8 Link
Epson Pulsense 10,000 360 2.5 Link
Elite HVRV 10,000 287 4.3 Link
ithlete 1,000 116 3.6 Link
Tacx Training 10,000 108 2.8 Link
BioforceHRV 10,000 70 3.1 Link



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Gabriel Hernando

Hi Sir
If you use power meter, here a list of compatibility APPs

Gabriel Hernando

Hi Sir
IpBike includes in our last revision. We make the “league table” every six months http://blog.zitasport.com/4561/2015/04/06/las-apps-de-entrenamiento-outdoor-mas-descargadas-marzo-2015/.
Every october and march. Last revision is the fourth.


I have to give android app Ghostracer some love. It is a new-ish program that supports:
* dongle-less ANT+ on my Samsung TAB 4
* BT 4.0 on my Xperia Z (as well as can be expected, given BT 4.0’s connectivity issues)

Meanwhile it does the most important metric [time] better than anyone.

Have you looked at iSmoothRun (iOS and for running, cycling and other activities). Just started using it but love the audio feedback which most other apps charge a yearly subscription for – here its just a one time purchase of a $5 app. And it syncs with a ton of other app websites and devices.