Review: BeetActive Performance Sports Shots – Beetroot from CherryActive

Beet Active Beetroot Juice
Beet Active Beetroot Juice

A BeetActive Concentrate Sports Shot is a naturally derived product that makes many athletes go faster for longer.

Positives: It is a legal and inexpensive performance enhancer. Several academic studies show it works by increasing bloodflow and hence oxygen.

Negatives: Turns your wee pink and may elevate your HR slightly.

Comments: I have integrated these into my race nutrition regime for several years now and more recently to help with the harder load periods of my training. You just take one shot 2 hours before you race/train. For the sake of GBP1-2 you might as well just try it at some point and see what happens – your local health food shop is likely to sell this brand or competing brands. The active ingredient in the products is the same.

For a 20% discount use the promotional code 5K20 at .

The supplier occasionally sends me free product rather than any monetary payment for the use of this code.

Alternatives: Beet-It, BeetElite and others. Check the concentrations when you buy alternative products. Some alternatives are organic which are more expensive but neither more nor less effective.

Detailed Review: This link covers my detailed ‘review’ of BeetActive.

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