Results: Loading with curranz before Ride London

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I said I would try a once-daily loading strategy of CURRANZ prior to the Ride London, which I did.

The ride went well.

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I was specifically looking to see what happened the next day (or two). After races, I’m often very sore and especially after long rides which I’m less trained for then this soreness is usually worse.

After about 50 miles on a bike ride, I often either start to get cramp (quads) or get it soon after either when running or recovering.


A once-daily dose of CURRANZ for a couple of weeks virtually eliminated muscle soreness on any subsequent day and I also did not get cramp at all – nothing approaching it.

The lack of soreness was remarkable. I felt like I could have trained the next day (but didn’t).

The company CURRANZ  do claim that CURRANZ helps with recovery but I don’t think they claim it helps with cramp.

Either way I know what I’m using for the next long hard ride.

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