5 Common Fitness Myths Debunked

IMG_3393Getting fit can be tough. Not only does it require hard work and dedication, it’s also tough to know what to do for the best. This is a field in which so many people offer so many pieces of advice that contradict one another.

Virtually the first task for anyone looking to get fit is to filter through all the tips and advice they have been given to determine what is helpful and what isn’t.

Here’s our guide to five common myths that exist and why you should ignore them…

Myth: If you just eat less you’ll get fitter

Counting your calories – and simply cutting the amount you consume – is not a sure-fire way to a fitter body. Eating less on its own could leave your body undernourished – leaving it to store fat and causing exhaustion and sleep deprivation. The right diet for a fitter body is one that has a good balance of essential nutrient and the right amount of fuel to prepare you for your day and also some exercise. Take in plenty of superfoods and use supplements such as those featured on fysiqalnutrition to top up any elements you’re not getting from your food.

Myth: Cardio work is all you need

It’s tempting to think that cardio work – and lots of it – is all that you need to work off any excess fat and get yourself fit. But this alone will not work. As this article on The Telegraph website shows, activities such as running can burn muscle as well as fat. Just as the diet requires balance, so too does the workout. Strength and abs work must be built into a well-rounded regime. Focus on high intensity workouts that combine all three to maximise fitness.

Myth: You’ll feel the gain after feeling the pain

Some people feel they need to push their workout until they’re virtually ready to drop or else they won’t feel the benefit in the long run. The only thing you’ll be fit for on this reckoning is the hospital. Injuries are no good to you in the long run and don’t get sucked into thinking that lots of sweat is the sign of an intense workout. In fact short bouts of intense exercise are probably better for you.

Myth: Crunches are the secret to a super six-pack

Working your abs with a series of crunches is one thing – but who is going to spot these muscles if they’re buried under fat? Crunches alone won’t help you to shed this. Planks and bridges are better at working on your waist but, as discussed earlier, without cardio work as well your hard work won’t pay off.

Myth: Women who work out too much end up looking like men

Men have much higher levels of testosterone than women and at the end of the day it is genetics, not muscle and fitness, that cause us to look the way we do. Pick a training regime that suits how you want to look – and don’t listen to the scaremongers.

When it comes to fitness tips, take care to ensure you are getting good advice. Anything that offers an ‘easy’ solution should be approached with caution and requires further research to ensure it’s not too good to be true.

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