Epson RunSense SF-110 Announced

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Epson have just announced a new edition to the Runsense range.

This addition is at the budget end of the range and is ONLY CURRENTLY ANNOUNCED FOR RELEASE IN THE USA.

It’s priced at US$169 without an optional HRM. So this is definitely putting it in the same bracket as Polar’s M400.

It is an activity tracker (step counter) that is also compatible with STRAVA and MAPMYRUN.

Presumably it will fit with the RUNSENSE APP. Yet the PULSENSE APP from EPSON is FOR THE ACTIVITY TRACKERS – so I am not sure where this will fit in that sense.

Still it will tick all the usual boxes with Epson’s generally great GPS for pace data, alerts and, presumably (see below), HR from a Bluetooth HRM. Not sure if cadence can be read from a bluetooth footpod.


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