Sporttracks auto-syncs with EPSON RUNSENSE watches

Epson SF-810
Epson SF-810

Interesting times.

I looked at the Epson Runsense SF-810 a couple of months back. Basically it’s a really great high-end running watch let down by the Epson software that supports on the web/app.

Well now that’s no problem. Sporttracks will now auto-sync so you can use that instead!!

(You could always have used tapiriik but that was a bit clunky I found with Epson’s site). alternatively try

So you have a really great running watch with optical HR and super accurate GPS

Buy a Garmin Edge 520 and you have two excellent bits of kit for the tri-sports where you most need accurate gadgets gadgets.

———————————SportTracks Press Release ——————-

DURHAM, N.C. — SportTracks, a fitness-tracking software platform that helps athletes and coaches achieve their training goals, today announced a partnership that will allow users of Epson Runsense wearable sports-tech devices to seamlessly view their data in SportTracks.

Owners of Epson Runsense GPS watches will now be able to activate a free auto-sync functionality in SportTracks. When a workout is completed with a Runsense watch, the data from the activity will automatically be uploaded to SportTracks where athletes can perform further analysis. SportTracks enables you to analyze your training progress, set and track goals, communicate with coaches, and share activities with other users and social media.

“We are thrilled with this partnership,” said Aaron Averill, CEO of SportTracks. “Now athletes can spend less time transferring data and more time incorporating immediate, actionable insights into their training plan. You can walk in from your run, hit the stop button on your Runsense, open SportTracks on your smartphone, and have the most robust analysis available, right at your fingertips.“

“Performance athletes have busy lives and need a seamless training experience,” said Averill. “Data from all their devices should be available wherever they are. They want to go from recording data, to analyzing performance, to planning their next workout, and they want that experience to be as easy as possible.”

SportTracks is focused on providing detailed insights, with a platform that’s fast and easy to use. The integration with Epson Runsense is yet another sign of its commitment to provide the greatest possible experience for its users.

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