Great September Sports Watch Deals

Polar M400

Polar M400

After checking through some prices of various watches on Amazon there have been some significant price changes (in both directions).

The Polar M400 at Amazon USA is $165 and the V800 is GBP204.46 in the UK. Neither are likely to be superseded by Polar soon. The Garmin 910XT looks good value at $235.99. The Garmin 310Xt is always great value these days and is now at GBP124.55. Of course both of these Garmins have already been superseded.

With the announcement of the new TomTom Spark you can probably expect the prices of current models (below) to go even lower. Their non-Cardio versions have been good value for a while already.

Watches Comparison Sept 7th 2015AmazonUKAmazon2USA
Adidas MiCoach Smart Run£219.99Link$299.99Link
Epson SF-810£201.21Link$581.97Link
Epson SF-710£141.40Link$279.99Link
Epson SF-510£120.04Link$257.20Link
Epson SF-310£99.99Link$197.50Link
Fitbit Charge HR£94.14Link$135.69Link
Garmin Edge 1000£394.99Link$499.99Link
Garmin Edge 520£239.99Link$299.99Link
Garmin Edge 510£299.99Link$329.99Link
Garmin Edge 810£209.41Link$377.80Link
Garmin Edge 25£129.99Link$169.99Link
Garmin Edge 20£109.99Link$96.55Link
Garmin Epix£341.69Link$549.99Link
Garmin Fenix3 (Sapphire)£385.00Link$599.99Link
Garmin Forerunner 25TBCTBC
Garmin Forerunner 220£139.00Link$198.99Link
Garmin Forerunner 225TBCTBC
Garmin Forerunner 620£239.48Link$365.05Link
Garmin Forerunner 625/630TBCTBC
Garmin 910 XT£202.00Link$235.99Link
Garmin 920 XT£283.51Link$439.00Link
Garmin VivoActive£170.41Link$199.00Link
Mio Alpha 2£104.46Link$161.00Link
Nike+ SportWatch£208.90Link$183.49Link
Polar M400£120.95Link$165.00Link
Polar V800£204.46Link$340.99Link
Suunto Ambit 3 PEAK£266.76Link$405.77Link
Suunto Ambit 3 Sport£191.24Link$319.95Link
Suunto Ambit 2R£197.21Link$213.69Link
TomTom SparkTBC
TomTom MultiSport£109.99Link$132.00Link
TomTom MultiSport Cardio£179.99Link$229.99Link
TomTom Runner£76.48Link$99.94Link
TomTom Runner Cardio£149.99Link$198.98Link

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