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wahoo elemnt
wahoo ELEMNT: Stock Photo, Source: Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness have just announced their latest innovative product – the WAHOO ELEMNT cycling computer. The press release is shown at the end.

Q: Is it an interesting super-tool like the WAHOO FITNESS RFLKT+ or a mainstream product?

Q: It’s coming in at a similar price level to the Edge 520 but why is it different/better?

Wahoo Elemnt the5krunner
Wahoo Elemnt

Well let’s clear up one of those questions. It is a no-holes-barred cycling computer.

It’s a mainstream device that’s going to go head-to-head with others already on the market. It’s been announced at a great time, ahead of some similar announcements that you can expect from other manufacturers soon. It’s innovative in terms of both: the way that many of the features work and some wholly new features.

To start with it compares favourably with the upcoming Garmin Edge 520, for example, having a longer battery life.

It also has ANT+ AND BTLE (Bluetooth SMART/Low Energy/V4) SENSOR support so it will be able to handle pretty much any recent sensor you throw at it. This is going to get increasingly more important for us as the months go by as new products are released that are sort-of targeting the Bluetooth-smartphone market. You’ll be able to use those alongside your basic existing ANT+ sensors. This dual-band connectivity for sensors ties in with where WAHOO are going…OPENNESS – LOVE IT !

What it lacks for in a USB connection it more than makes up for it in a wifi and Bluetooth upload connection.

With WAHOO’s recent announcements around the KICKR and its trainer-control support, it’s no surprise that the ELEMNT supports TRAINER-control too. Another great feature will be the ability to re-create your favourite course ON YOUR INDOOR TRAINER – cool!…well warm and dry at any rate!…well, ok then, hot and sweaty in a garage.

Wahoo Elemnt the5krunner
Wahoo Elemnt

A great differentiator appears to be the crystal clear screen. Nothing too fancy, just something you can read in varying light and weather conditions – that’s kinda what we want really!

All tracks and paths from OPENSTREETMAP are supported as are common file formats such as .FIT and .TCX.

There will be a good degree of mapping integration with STRAVA (eg segments) and there will also be mapping functionality that shows where your mates are; as well as LIVETRACKING to people over the net. Both should be handy.

Expect to see new functionality added quickly to the released product and also expect to see a generally well-tested unit that will be MUCH more bug free than some competitor products.

You’ll also get smartphone notifications but, for once, this will be a new ‘watch’ that will NOT be an activity tracker (it’s a cycling computer!).

Opinion: This could, just could, be the product that starts a plausible attack Garmin’s dominance of the cycling computer market.

If you continue to read the following press release, note that there is more  that I have not covered above eg configurable alert-LEDs. I hope to be able to cover that detail in a later review in January 2016.

————— Press Release ————————

Wahoo Fitness Unveils New ELEMNT GPS Cycling Computer

Redesigning the rider experience, ELEMNT offers the power you demand with the simplicity you expect

(Atlanta, GA – September 15, 2015) – Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and smartphone connected fitness devices, is proud to announce the ELEMNT, a GPS-enabled cycling computer designed to transform the way people experience and interact with their ride data. By streamlining the user experience and drastically simplifying the setup process, the ELEMNT allows riders to put the focus back on their ride, providing a seamless connection between the rider and their data.

“Using a bike computer shouldn’t be the hardest part of your ride,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “We saw a need for a well-designed GPS-enabled cycling computer that simplified the riding experience rather than complicated it. We solved that need with the ELEMNT.”

Designed by cyclists, for cyclists, the ELEMNT packs ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, and WiFi connectivity that allows riders to easily view key ride metrics, navigate a route, track fellow riders’ locations in real-time as well as receive en-route call, text and email notifications—all on it’s large-format, high-contrast DayBright display. Changing the way riders interpret real-time data, the ELEMNT’s innovative QuickLook LED indicators provide visual indicators for critical alerts and data. Fully programmable, the indicators can be set to display metrics such as speed, heart rate, power, turn-by-turn navigation cues and more.

By utilizing the smartphone interface, setting up and personalizing a cycling computer has never been easier.  The ELEMNT companion app, available on both iOS and android platforms, automates the ELEMNT pairing and manages the configuration process for fast, frustration-free setup and personalization.

Riders also benefit from the ELEMNT’s integration with third-party platforms like Strava and RideWithGPS, which allows the ELEMNT to automatically pull your saved routes directly from your account. Uploading workouts to platforms like Strava, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, and Training Peaks is easier than ever thanks to wireless syncing via Bluetooth or WiFi, meaning riders will never have to connect the ELMENT to a computer to access their workouts.

Fully integrated with the rest of the Wahoo product line, the ELEMNT also offers riders the ability to control their KICKR indoor training experience directly from their handlebars, without a computer, tablet or smartphone. The ELEMNT can even allow you to recreate any saved course indoors by matching resistance to the ride’s GPS profile.

Buy CLIMB or KICKR by selecting the image below or selecting here: link to wahoofitness.com

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