2016 The Best / Cheapest Power Meter Recommendations for PEDALS Top 10 Reviews

Favero bePRO Power Meter Pedals - Carbon Cranks
Favero bePRO Power Meter Pedals – Carbon Cranks

This post is targeted at a first-time power meter buyer attracted by falling prices and the immediacy of Christmas 2015! It presents some of the things to think about in your research and a few videos to watch.

If you are a one-bike cyclist then you have lots of plausible options for your new power meter’s location. To me it seems that the obvious choice for someone who owns a few bikes is a pedal-based power meter which, in theory, should be easily moved from bike to bike; and to bikes with different sized wheels (your old MTB). As an added bonus they will also show your cadence.

You might need a special torque wrench and the pedal might be exposed more readily to knocks and damage but, on the whole, pedals are a sensible choice.

There are many constraints you need to think about ranging from: cleat types; battery longevity and ease of replacement; firmware update possibilities; durability of construction; to left and right power or single pedal power; and more. Not forgetting the importance of the engineer who will tell you it needs to have a strain gauge somewhere in its construction.

These all represent a fine choice, with the exception of the Limits which I have not seen. Choose based on functions of most use to you.

Single-side options or earlier versions may be available but the main choices of pedal power meters or an equivalent installation location are:

  • KEO POWER (LOOK) – Eu1500 [ANT+ BTLE] available 2016
  • bePRO (Favero) – Eu750 [ANT+] available now
  • P1 (PowerTap) – Eu1300 [ANT+ BTLE] available now
  • Vector2 (Garmin) – Eu1300 [ANT+] available now
  • Limits – Eu400 ???? [ANT+ BTLE] available ???? crowdfunded, attaches to the pedal
  • Watteam PowerBeat Eu 450? [ANT+ BTLE] available Dec 2016
  • Xpedo Thrust E – Eu900? [ANT+] Spring 2016

The videos:

PowerTap P1

Garmin Vector 2

Favero bePRO


KEO Power (old video of previous BTL-only model)




Watteam PowerBeat

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