FIT Files and new data measures ?

Here is a quick look at some of the fields in a CSV file exported from the WAHOO FITNESS APP. The point of this post is just to give a flavour of some of the things that developers are probably trying to capture that you haven’t seen yet in released products- you can assume that there are many more from developers trying to analyse our sporting movements to the nth degree.

Time (seconds) goes down the file with data fields across the top. I’ve transposed the data column headings to go down the right hand side so you can read them when you click on the image.Fit files and new data measures If you are really interested you can look at Garmin’s FIT file schema (here).  HINT: You have to be REALLY interested.

Anyway back to WAHOO’s CSV export of a session captured using their APP. You can see that ‘smoothness’ and ‘jerkiness’ are being looked at across X, Y and Z dimensions. That information could be of specific interest at that level of detail.

You can see that they are looking at the trunk angle of a cyclist and the rider’s position.

Sorry, that was the least interesting thing I’ve ever written. It started out with good intentions 🙂

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6 thoughts on “FIT Files and new data measures ?

    1. I never thought i’d get anyone reading this post. To answer the question: sorry I don’t know. you could use tapiriik to auto link strava to some other software platform that does support csv output eg garmin connect can export intervals to csv. fine for a one off I suppose. the link to garmin would be automatic but the download to csv would be manual

      1. I’m a subscriber so whenever I look at the Reader I see a post as you post regularly. I am very interested in data and spreadsheet analysis. I think the majority of the mass runner market apps are woefully basic and would like to see improvements. I’m paying Strava for a premium version but I still think they are lacking in imagination when it comes to cutting and slicing the data…

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