Review – Favero bePRO Pedal Power Meter

Favero bePRO Power Meter Pedals - Carbon Cranks
Favero bePRO Power Meter Pedals

Favero’s bePRO power meter pedals are a relatively low cost solution for providing power data when cycling. They will work with most modern ANT+ triathlon watches and bike computers.

Positives: This pedal-based solution is EASILY transferable between bikes once you have done that a few times. They are accurate, easy to calibrate and work on ANT+ based watches/cycling computers. In addition to providing cadence and cycling dynamics data they provide left and right power; also being available in a single-sided power version.

ESSENTIAL READING: (Here) is a detailed review of the Favero bePro covering carbon cranks, elliptical chain-rings, accuracy, durability, off-road/trail use and many other aspects from over a year of use and 1,000s of miles over several bikes.

Negatives: A few hard sprints, or even a few rides, are probably required when first installed on another bike. The installation at first appears mildly daunting but in reality, is fine once you follow the instructions. Like most power meter products the availability/distribution is tightly controlled so sites like Amazon will probably not sell them. I personally prefer Shimano cleats – you have to use the LOOK type cleats, no big deal.

Comments: all the electronics are inside the pedal housing and spindle so, unlike Garmin’s VECTOR 2 and LOOK’s KEO, there are no dangly bits to get damaged. Changing from one crank to another IS easy but requires a settling in period (sprint) as well as special tools (provided). I’m really struggling to find a reason why you would buy an alternative product. Really struggling (I will cover some potential issues in the detailed review). I’ve also managed to get them to work with a Bluetooth device! – they work with a Polar M450 when used with a 4iiii Viiiiva V100 ‘bridge’.

Must Read: be Pro is now replaced by the Favero Assioma, reviewed here.

Alternatives: The alternatives (link) are all good too but it’s just that they are, on the whole, more expensive.

Verdict: At US$519 (single) and US$814 (dual) it’s a BUY especially with the 15% discount below! All power meter prices will fall in 2016, this one will fall less than others as it is already well priced.

15% discount until 31 November 2016 with the code the5krunner10 at our trusted partner PMC:

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