Review – Nathan Lock Laces

Nathan Lock Laces Review
Nathan Lock Laces Review

Although I was sent these very recently I’ve used them on all my running shoes for years. This particular model of locking is the best one.

Positives: Saves lazy people the time of tying their shoe laces. Saves runners and triathletes MANY seconds if a shoe accidentally comes off or if it needs to be taken off because of a small stone in your shoe. Helps triathletes transition more quickly.

Negatives: None really, other than if you are doing a duathlon/triathlon and choose to wear these with some form of bike pedal clip when cycling then the locking mechanism can be pushed against the top of your foot by the strap. Can be uncomfortable in that very narrow-use application – otherwise fine and dandy.

Comments: You can clip the ends together with the supplied clips. The clips are not necessary. The circular retainer really is quite strong and will not slip. The elastic allows easy shoe on/off. In muddy fields this sort of thing may not be appropriate as your foot might come out – though as I indicate I’ve used these for 100s of hrs and never had that problem.

This Nathan product is one of a series that I am going to review – they are GREAT XMAS stocking fillers (links below). I thought I was the runner that had everything. Nathan have just enlightened me!

Prices: UK £4.00+ , US $11.63 .

Disclaimer: I was sent this as a freebie and I intend to keep and use it. This site focusses more on higher-end sport gadgets – I either buy or loan those from the supplier.

Detailed Review: N/A

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