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Wahoo’s RFLKT+ is an interesting and unusual product designed to mirror what is on your smartphone as well as converting your ANT+ sensor data to enable many Bluetooth devices (smartphones, Suunto, Polar) to also receive that ANT+ data.

Positives: Allows you to keep your iOS or android phone in your back pocket whilst cycling. The RFLKT+ also converts ANT+ sensors to BTLE/Bluetooth. This can save significant amounts of battery power on you smartphone and may also enable you to use, for example, Strava with your ANT+ sensors. More compact handlebar display than a smartphone. May enable your technology to last the duration of longer rides. May help reduce risk of damage or theft of your phone. Also provides a barometric altimeter, temperature and grade data.

Negatives: The ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge part of the functionality only works on iOS. When there are multiple conflicting sensors of the same type I have sometimes had difficulty displaying any data from those sensors. At ttimes the initial data was very slow in loading up to the RFLKT+ device when first turned on. Compatibility with Bluetooth devices such as Polar and Suunto was not tested by me but should work.

Comments: Wahoo Fitness are one of the better companies in the market. Their products are generally excellent and sometimes quite innovative. They have a great app and are generally priced not too badly. They’re one of the good guys! A lower RFLKT version is available without the bridging.

Alternatives: The MIO Velo does some of the ANT+ bridging functionality and is a nice, but inferior, product. The 4iiii Viiiiva is an interesting bridging HRM.

Verdict: Very handy for a select group of users and quite precise needs.

Detailed Review: (Here) is a detailed review.


Wahoo RFLKT £80.90 Link $99.99 Link
Wahoo RFLKT+ £98.99 Link $129.90 Link

Declaration: I received a free unit for this review. I don’t use iOS at all for my personal benefit and so I don’t use this for my training. This device helps me to write other reviews for you guys.

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