Review – Nathan Nebula Fire Runners Headlamp

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Nathan Nebula Fire Runners Headlamp Review
Nathan Nebula Fire Runners Headlamp Review

This is a powerful, multifunction, 192Lu headlamp for runners. It’s worn around the head with a strap

Positives: It’s rechargeable and reasonably comfy to wear. It can reach up to 40m in ‘high power mode’; bright.

Negatives: Gets a bit uncomfortable if you sweat a lot from your forehead/head. It’s not cheap. Ideally you will have an additional light to show those behind you where you are.

Comments: It’s IPX4 water resistant. It has a light sensor and when it detects a car’s lights it will go into strobe mode. You can switch between light modes by waving your hand in front of the sensor – ie no need to touch the device once you are running. Up to 25 hours use in dim mode but significantly less (ie less than 4 hours) in the bright modes.

This Nathan product is one of a series that I am going to review – they are GREAT XMAS stocking fillers (links below). I thought I was the runner that had everything. Nathan have just enlightened me!

Prices: UK £84.99 (click), US $60.00 (click).

Disclaimer: I was sent this as a freebie and I intend to keep and use it. This site focusses more on higher-end sport gadgets – I either buy or loan those from the supplier.

Detailed Review: N/A

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