Review – TomTom Bandit

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TomTom Bandit - 1 Minute Review
TomTom Bandit – 1 Minute Review

The TomTom Bandit is a compact, high quality action camera with simple to use controls and enough mounting and video options for most diverse sporty needs.

It’s designed for a niece/nephew to put on their skateboard or dog or for you to skydive, scuba dive, paraglide, surf or pretty much do anything of an action genre in 4k quality

Positives: I found the Bandit easy to use and understand. It’s a no manual-required type product. I didn’t play with it for huge amounts of time, my main usage being a time-lapse journey around the capital for around 75 miles. On that journey I was testing out a few bits of different kinds of kit and this was one of two devices that caused me virtually no issues.

There are numerous video quality options as well as camera functionality. It comes as IPX7 waterproof with the option of equipment for diving further. GPS is built in.

Negatives: I would have liked a longer than 3 hour battery life but looking at the competition 3 hours is pretty good as it is and I did actually get that much recording time! I had plenty of spare battery packs.

When a new battery pack is inserted the Bandit could never read it and had to ‘fix’ the SD card. In the middle of a forest I was pretty worried that it was going to do a SCANDISK/CHKDSK type thing and ease the previous contents … but it was fine!

I had a few fiddly issues linking to an iPAD where the Bandit’ WIFI hotspot couldn’t always be found by the iPAD – the hotspot is required for the two to communicate. But I managed to sort it out each time.

Having previously owned digital camcorders I always found the VIEWER to be useful on the device – clearly the world has moved on and we are now supposed to use our smartphone, however that is not always convenient. Of course incorporating a viewer onto the device would make it significantly bigger and significantly more power hungry and, indeed, would change the product.

Comments: I had a loan of this from the kind people at TomTom. Probably I don’t have the time nor inclination to make the most use of this kind of product in my lifestyle. Should things change then I certainly would consider the Bandit were I to ever buy such a product.

Alternatives: GoPro, Garmin, Sony

Detailed Review: n/a

Price (rrp)  GB £282US $397

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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