AmpStrip Cancelled

AmpStrip’s owners Fitlinxx have released the following:

AmpStrip development suspended – refund information

After much discussion and debate, we have decided to suspend development of AmpStrip as a fitness product. Going forward, we are going to first focus on the device’s potential uses as a medical device rather than a fitness device.

Many of you have commented on AmpStrip’s potential medical benefits – the potential ability for patients and doctors to monitor irregular heart rate, respiratory function and activity levels to name just a few. We believe that in that capacity, this device can truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to simultaneously support our previous athletic performance objectives and our current medical focus. For that reason, we will be unable to ship the AmpStrip at this time.

We will be refunding everyone’s money.

Disappointing as the product seemed like a good idea though hard to implement. As they may well have found out.

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6 thoughts on “AmpStrip Cancelled

    1. Disappointed as it would be great to move away from uncomfortable chest straps, but good they have admitted the cancellation and are refunding supporters money

      1. Thanks! Unfortunately as I’m a rower the arm/wrist bands tend not to work that well as the arms are under load and it’s not that safe using earbuds when facing the wrong way rowing down the river, the only other tech that I may try are the optical HR sensors built into caps, although one of the features of the ampstrip I was looking forward to was the 24/7 tracking which the caps don’t do, will have to stick with Fitbit for now!

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