Polar M450 Racing In Yorkshire


Well, not quite racing but going fast anyway.

Speed was beside the point. The Polar M450 was nicely picking up my ANT+ power meter signal from the Favero bePro via the 4iiii Viiiiva V100 after yesterday’s little test to prove it could work. All fine and dandy.

The GPS tracking compared to a map was generally pretty good. Perhaps on a par with a good Garmin Edge and definitely better than my Garmin 920XT. Typically the Polar was up to 2m out compared to the 920’s up to 5m. So probably about the same as an Edge 810. I’ll look more closely at that later.

Good first impressions of the Polar all-round. Some fiddly button placements but I love the inbuilt light (easily pleased). Screen resolution is quite ‘coarse’ but very easy to read.

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