Polar M450 Unboxing, Box Contents, Weights, Dimensions & Installation

This is part of the main review for the Polar M450 which just covers the less interesting unboxing, contents, weights, dimensions & installation of the components.

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The box is nice looking and everything comes well packed. We get our first glimpse of the M450 Cycling Computer.

Polar M450 Cycling Computer
Polar M450 Cycling Computer

As a teaser of what is to come the rear gives us an indication of the goodies it has in store (in box!); special tests, barometer, Bluetooth and …

Polar M450 Cycling Computer
Polar M450 Cycling Computer

There are several bits in the box including the accurate Polar H7 HRM in some models. Manuel photo-bombs yet again, although we never hear what he has to say. There’s the obligatory USB cable – thankfully it’s a generic one rather than a model-specific cradle and cable. Then there’s the rather nice mounting option which we will come back to very, very soon.

Polar M450 Cycling Computer
Polar M450 Cycling Computer

Handlebar Mount.

There are 3 bands to fit different sized stems and handlebars. Just one band seemed sufficient to me. The rubber base goes underneath the plastic mount to stop it moving – standard stuff.

Polar M450 Cycling Computer
Polar M450 Cycling Computer

The Polar mount is superior to most others, the ratchet really keeps the cycling computer in its place. And you can then align the M450 at funny angles like I did here!

Polar M450 Cycling Computer
Polar M450 Cycling Computer

The shame is that it is not fully compatible with a more commonly used Garmin-sized mount, although it probably the M450 could be adjusted to fit with the aid of a file. Other ‘out front’ mounting options are available as optional extras/accessories.

Weights & Dimensions

It’s a relatively small and lightweight unit in terms of its size. Whilst there is directional/navigational functionality, the smaller form of cycling computers are the size they are to just present the data people need. Here we compare to the MIO Cyclo 505HC which is a similar kind of comparison to a larger Polar V650.

Polar M450 - vs MIO Cyclo 505HC
Polar M450 – vs MIO Cyclo 505HC

Here are the precise details of the M450:

Thickness14,0 mm
(with mount19,4 mm)
Display size3.5cm x 3.5cm
Splash proof (IPX7)

It has a high precision barometer and good GPS. The 35 hours of recording time with HR, GPS and power sensors turned on should be more than sufficient.

Battery duration up to 16 hours of training with heart rate and GPS on a tad less with more sensors and alerts and probably quite a bit less if you use the front light too much.

Buttons & Bits

Let’s look at the M450 from a few angles. Not to admire its obvious prettiness but to describe the buttons (and bits).

The underside shows the ratchet for the mounting we mentioned earlier. The underside also shows the rubber cover for the micro-USB charging port. I love the genericness of the micro-USB but the rubber cover is not great. It’s hard to see but there is a really thin rubber bit which acts as a sort-of hinge-cum-retainer and I would imagine that this will break fairly readily.

The buttons are as follows

  • TOP: Red button is the ‘Go’/’Enter’ button
  • LEFT: Button is to illuminate the display
  • RIGHT: Menu Up
  • REAR RIGHT: Menu Down
  • REAR LEFT: Back
  • FRONT: An automatic/manual blinking/non-blinking front white LED is built in to the unit. Nice!



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