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A-Week-In-Triathlon-Gadgets-TechA week in: Triathlon, Gadgets & Tech, is some of the more interesting bits that flash up on my screen during the week. It could be: some interesting article on triathlon training; a new activity tracker; a new swim watch; or a reminder on a new bit of software or firmware for one of your devices.

Please feel free to drop me a line on any related thing you find interesting. There’s a huge amount of information out there that’s more than a few people can keep tabs of.


  1. We’ll start of with a new range of nice-looking Fossil Q activity trackers/smart watches.
  2. The new and accurate optical heart rate-cum-music-cum-running-cum-activity-tracker watch from TomTom was announced in the UK as the Runner 2 and a modified version in the USA as the Spark. Exciting!
  3. Polar made a few announcements including the long-awaited smartphone notifications for Android for the Polar M400 running watch. Although Android v4.4.4 and below will not work, V5 ‘lolipop’ only. It is possible to forcibly install Android v5 on old watches that will not auto-upgrade to v5.
  4. Polar A360 – Looks to fill a gap in the market despite lack of GPS. Exciting!
  5. The least best-kept secret was released from Garmin with the new Forerunner 630. It does look to be a fully featured, top-end running watch. Let’s hope all the features are delivered, working as planned.
  6. Alongside the 630 a new HRM4-RUN was sneaked in relatively unannounced. Though it is unclear if it offers any new functionality over and above the existing HRM-RUN. Exciting!
  7. TomTom financials look good. Lots more investment in sports gadgetry please Mr TomTom.
  8. The iOS Suunto Movescount app was updated with some minor improvements.
  9. The new Garmin Connect Mobile app was also announced. It looks nicer, let’s see what lies beneath later.
  10. Training Peaks reminds us of the need for strength and power training. Many of us neglect that and keep getting beaten!
  11. Sport Tracks now autosyncs to Peripedal indoor training software.
  12. With triathlon-related divorces probably on the rise, MIO Global suggests ways to fit family life into your hectic training schedule!

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