Polar Delays STRAVA Integration

Polar V800 -
Polar V800

Bad news from Helsinki. Polar has just announced a delay to their STRAVA integration. It looks like early 2016 is now the date they are aiming for.

Sometimes I guess these IT things are harder than we first think. And I’m not sure of the nature of the integration…as I would have thought automating the sending of a TCX file (simplified) wasn’t that hard.

On the other hand I would rather wait until it works rather than continually being involved in what seems like a beta rollout with other manufacturer devices. Fair play to Polar for the communications and the honesty.

—— Here’s the Press Release ——

Schedule update on Strava integration and Running Programs

Regretfully, after trying our best to have this update out on time for you guys, it turns out the Strava integration still needs some further development and is unfortunately postponed. Building an automated integration on a third party web interface turned out to require more harmonization in our back-end system and is taking longer than we expected.

The Strava integration will be available to your use just before the New Year’s fireworks.

Running programs

There’s also some news from our R&D department about the long-awaited programs – unfortunately making of the Running programs is taking longer than we had anticipated and sorry to say, we’re not able to bring the Running programs to your use during this year.

We are aware of how important both the Running programs and Strava integration are to you, and facing these challenges we’ve stepped up the game to be able to bring these features to you as soon as possible. This been said, we will hop back to our desk and continue our work. We will keep you right up to date with the latest news and developments when we have more to share.

Apologies for the disappointment that this may cause.

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  1. Polar ought to consider employing a second software developer – or maybe the first guy could go full time? Or maybe they could get a consultant in – that way they can do what’s called “Project Management” (an advanced concept) and avoid things like announcing a two month delay on the day the software was supposed to be released.

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