Running Power – I don’t get it

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Stryd - Running With Power?
Stryd – Running With Power? (Source:

OK let’s say I’m pootling along on my bike; I know that it’s mechanical power that’s moving me along. I also know that your cycling efficiency and my cycling efficiency are probably quite similar. A bike power meter can mostly work. Power is power…although the metabolic effect might vary alongside fatigue.

With Stryd we are looking at an estimator of power rather than a strain gauge (power meter) ie something that looks at the direction/accelerations of bodily movements, GPS and so on. I don’t see how this kind of estimation will give insight into my actual performance. Although if the estimation is accurate over a range of effort types then maybe it will give me something personal I can use.



Running efficiency between individuals is quite significant.

If I’m training on a track I can’t see Stryd being of any use at all.


StrydIf I train on a track but have to race 10k up a variable 2% incline then I guess it MIGHT give me something to moderate my effort by. Although after 30 seconds my HR would have caught up with where it should be and I could generally use that or RPE, other things being equal.

I do sort of get it. But I’m not convinced.

So basically, I suppose, I don’t get it. And, more importantly, I haven’t got it (I haven’t got a stryd). Read this article by someone who has got it: Mr James Gil (aka titaniumgeek). Well, he’s got one; and he likes it. If buyers like products they tend to sell at the right price! Economics 101.

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