BSX Insight – New Insights into SMO2 and LTHR

BSX Insight Muscle Oxygen SMO2 LTHR Lactate Threshold
BSX Insight

Some great development from BSX Insight. The clue is in the name: INSIGHT. Their rather awesome Lactate sensor is being further augmented to enable muscle oxygen measurement in realtime. Great Stuff.

I’ve used SM02 measurement before with a Withings handheld device that always showed the same figure. This is different !! ACTIONABLE information for when you train.

From a retail-sports perspective this is cutting edge technology that has the advantage of actually being useful. Unlike yet another variation on an existing metric on your sports watch.

————— Press Release below ————-

BSXinsight Introduces Muscle Oxygenation, Daily Activity Tracking and Third Party Connectivity

November 11, 2015 – Austin, TX: BSX Athletics, a sports tech company leading the industry in real-time muscle monitoring, just launched the second generation BSXinsight. It has extended its capabilities to include real-time monitoring of muscle oxygenation, daily activity tracking, and third party connectivity. BSXinsight collects personal workout data, and shows athletes how to use it in real-time. Athletes are now equipped to make meaningful on-demand adjustments during their workouts with the security of knowing they are training at optimal performance.

“Muscle Oxygenation [SmO2] is a new concept to the athletic world, but one that is gaining tremendous traction, and will soon be recognized as the most important real-time metric possible. Oxygen is the central piece of energy production which makes muscle oxygenation critical for any athlete to keep track of during their training,” says Dr. Dustin Freckleton, CEO of BSX Athletics. “Similar to heart-rate training, muscle oxygenation can help you understand your daily training. However, where heart-rate is influenced by conditional factors like stress, temperature, sleep, and hydration, SmO2 is constant, more dependable and accurate. Muscle oxygenation is also much more immediate.”

Using optical technology and consumer safe LEDs, BSXinsight tracks the critical energy systems in the muscles, and translates the information so an athlete knows how much effort they have left to give in their daily training. This helps athletes better identify trends and opportunities to improve their performance over time.

A custom compression sleeve comes with BSXinsight to ensure it’s secured to the calf during endurance tests. BSXinsight can be worn anywhere during a daily activity, but a calf is recommended. It connects with ANT+ foot pods, heart rate monitors, and power meters; and broadcasts real-time bio-signal data to ANT+ watches and bike computers. It also connects to iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth Smart technology to relay information to the BSXinsight mobile app.

The mobile app was also redesigned to offer an easy and accessible way for athletes to interact with BSXinsight. The data is laid out so that athletes can review and manage their results in an intuitive and meaningful way. Additionally, the app supports a variety of new features including, an interactive tutorial, supported real-time muscle oxygenation readouts, and a social sharing function.

BSXinsight has significantly improved from its original version with better firmware, improved software, and a beautifully redesigned mobile application and web dashboard. These updates have made it so athletes are also benefiting from more accurate lactate threshold results and personalized training zones during an endurance test. Weighing only 20 grams and optimized for up to eight hours of continuous use, BSXinsight also leads the industry in device run time.

BSXinsight is available at in three editions: BSXinsight XR2 running edition ($299.99), BSXinsight XC2 cycling edition ($369.99) and BSXinsight XM2 multisport edition ($419.99).



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4 thoughts on “BSX Insight – New Insights into SMO2 and LTHR

  1. Just tried v2 with my V800 and Wahoo Tickr X, works great except since the Insight pairs as a Cadence sensor I cannot read SM02 measurement while running, but I can sync the data just fine….

  2. I was wondering if you have any experience in estimating your threshold using SMO2 data?
    Also, would it be best to use 2min intervals instead of 5min and would you use 20W or up to 50W increases?

    1. I used BSX Insight and it was ‘about right’ following their protocol. personally I think everyone overthinks this. just go flat out for 20 or 30 minutes and do the maths in the case of the former.
      personally I don’t tlike that. use the free golden cheetah. it uses algorithms to work out FTP based on all your efforts and I reckon is ‘correct’ (enough)
      LTHR is a bit harder. you have to do one of the test…they all shodl work to some degree. problem I found was that they all sort of agreed BUT were notably higher than the ‘correct’ value of a lab test. probably better reflecting my anaerobic ability

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