A Week In: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech

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A week in: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech, is some of the more interesting bits that flash up on my screen during the week. It could be: some interesting article on triathlon training; a new activity tracker; a new swim watch; a race; or a reminder on a new bit of software or firmware for one of your devices.

Thank you to everyone who drops me a line with interesting titbits. There’s a huge amount of information out there that’s more than a few people can keep tabs of. [Catchup: Here is last week’s]

  1. Tag Heuer release the first VERY-WEARABLE watch, the Carrera Connected. Yummy. Shame about the £1000/$1500 price tag. The screen resolution is apparently not as great as it could be but still the ‘watch’ face that is shown looks amazing.
  2. Garmin update firmware for Forerunners 230, 235 and 630 – methinks the firmware inside is the same (635 anyone 🙂 ). The usual bug fixes that occur with new Garmin watches are gradually resolved. In this instance sorting out WIFI connectivity issues (sound familiar to 920 users?). Also adding Connect IQ support which justifies the firmware version move from v2.x to v3.x
  3. New ‘Groups’ functionality added to Polar Flow.
  4. Garmin Vivosmart enable manual synchronisation to work properly.
  5. Suunto Movescount app on iOS, minor fixes to support new TRAVERSE hiking watch as well as better Ambit3 notifications.
  6. BSX Insight release v2 of their LTHR-detecting calf sleeve. Now also detects and analyses SMO2. Verdict: Cool !
  7. 4iiii PRECISION right-side power meter reported by manufacturer to be progressing well in testing.
  8. Misfit bought by Fossil.
  9. It was noted by Cycling weekly and most Garmin users that there was a big outage of the Garmin Connect service on Thursday. Yet more software glitches from Garmin. I use PC-based sprttracks software, it’s great and I use dropbox to sync it over several computers. Virtually failsafe PC-based alternative.
  10. Antelope Muscle-Activating smartsuit announced, interesting idea. Will probably herald a suit one day where you can sit and watch TV whilst completing a body-activated triathlon. Hmmmm.
  11. MyZone MZ-3 heart rate belt – gym users are offered a handicapped HR challenge against others. Apparently these guys are quite big in gyms.
  12. Samsung, possibly, maybe, might be doing some sort of triathlon band the RM-150.
  13. Tri-California announce a competing event to the highly criticised and apparently money-grabbing escape from Alcatraz tri which significantly raised ($300 to $750) this year’s prices. Good luck to Tri-Cal.
  14. The Guardian.com show their expansive commitment to running with their weekly in-depth analysis of all-things-running which, most weeks, is entitled ‘How Was Your Weekend Running?’. Who says quality journalism is dead?
  15. The unusual Hammerhead bike nav wouldn’t suit me. I struggle with a Satnav. Interesting idea though, worth a quick peak if you are the sort of person that gets lost.


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