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I’m speculating here but I think I’ve found a great POTENTIAL use for Polar’s ZONE LOCK feature.

From memory I think that’s available with some other manufacturers but not with Garmin watches.

Anyway once you get into the zone, a-la-Madonna style, then you would press and hold a button to lock to that zone. You would then to be alerted when you leave that power zone.

I reckon that will be a great feature to have on the V800 when used with STRYD.

Beforehand you wold have configured running power zones fairly tightly around where you think you will be in your training/race. Once running you would lock in when your feel of the desired pace on the flat is that day. When you run into the wind or uphill then you use the power reading as your major guide.

You could of course pre-configure power zones but they might be too broad a range or you might not be quite sure what power you would target for a run.


  1. STRYD doesn’t yet take into account wind.
  2. V800 doesn’t have running power zones

Nice thought though 🙂

It’ll come, soon enough.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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