A play with Power Plate to help our Running?

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Power Plate
Power Plate

The great thing with me taking this badly focussed/exposed picture is that I can blame it on the gym gadget I was looking at for once 🙂 The Power Plate. Basically a vibrating platform which many gyms, even council gyms, will already have in the UK.

My local gym has one. I once thought of using it but thought it was some device for losing weight without trying (it’s not). The instructor pointed out that it has many rehabilitation uses (such as for kids with MS). However there are significant benefits for athletes and many top Sports Teams have one or two eg Manchester City FC.

Power Plate
Power Plate

So, anyway, that made me listen a bit more.

The ‘obvious’ uses to me seemed to be to help with balance/proprioception/co-ordination as well as complicating some relatively basic stretches to help with core stability. All good stuff.

Interesting (to me at any rate) was that it can be used as part of a dynamic warmup, pre-run and also to help with deeper stretches post-run.

A nice new toy that I will now play with at the gym..all for no extra cost. And before you ask “NO” I didn’t get a freebie; I think they are quite expensive for personal use. If your gym hasn’t got one just tell them that my local council-run gym has got one.




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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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