LIMITS announces likely 2016 Release of their power meter

LIMITS Power MEter
LIMITS Power Meter (Image Source: LIMITS)

The full announcement from LIMITS is here but essentially the announcement says that there will be some units shipped to reviewers in December with production cranking up in early January and continuing in Feb/March. Presumably this will be dependent on acceptable reviews. Presumably they are confident they can deliver.

The funding channel is still being left open to LIMITS for new backers. It looks like they may be hoping for or needing a bit of extra capital. Doubters clearly have a different interpretation entirely.

What would make an acceptable LIMITS power meter? 2%, 3%, 5% inaccuracy? Is turbo-based accuracy sufficient or are real world conditions needed?

It’s left-side measurement only. So what would be the meaning of 2xleft side versus an accurate Powertap wheel based reading? What if the rider has asymmetry?

What if you compared it to a left side crank meter or pedal based meter? Fine but how accurate is the crank/pedal-based meter? So you’d have to compare the accuracy to a known inaccuracy of another left-side meter.

A spider/chainring is on the right hand side.

Not so straightforward.


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1 thought on “LIMITS announces likely 2016 Release of their power meter

  1. If the price is low enough accuracy would make no difference to a lot of people. They wouldn’t even need to measure in Watts for it to work – tell me consistently when my output is 200 whatevers and when my output is 4 whatevers and I can use that info for training and racing. The problem comes (and this is where doubters are doubting in this case) when I consistently output 200 of something and the device reports anywhere from 150 to 250 of that same measurement.
    Temperature, road surface and various other things can impact this as DCR has reported with various other power meters in the past. The doubts stem from the outward appearance that they only made their first unit in November and therefore probably haven’t tested it in varying temperatures and on varying surfaces and managed to write the code to compensate for all of those cases.

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