A week in: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech

Otillo Qualifier, Isle of Scilly: Great event – not a paid for advert. Organisers – send me a nice image and I’ll put it up..no charge!

A week in: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech, is some of the more interesting bits that flash up on my screen during the week. It could be: some interesting article on triathlon training; a new activity tracker; a new swim watch; a race; or a reminder on a new bit of software or firmware for one of your devices.

Thank you to everyone who drops me a line with interesting titbits. There’s a huge amount of information out there that’s more than a few people can keep tabs of. [Catchup: Here is last week’s]

  1. Wahoo ELEMNT release appears to have been delayed until the New Year.
  2. LIMITS controversial power meter appears one step closer to ‘reviewer-release’ in December.
  3. Black Friday was a big disappointment unless you wanted to buy a Polar V650 or Garmin 520 or a Polar Loop – plus lots of old tat that you wouldn’t want to buy. Those 3 are all good tho.
  4. Forerunner 630 beta 3.13 fixing some bugs that should have been sorted out before release. (230, 235 same)
  5. Fenix 3 v5.10 fixing ANT+ and battery issues that should have been fixed LONG ago.
  6. Otillo swimrun qualifier announced for Isles of Scilly.
  7. Joe Friel on Aerobic Capacity workouts year round
  8. OME tells us how to get free OSM maps on the Edge 520.
  9. Fitbit Charge HR and Surge can now autodetect exercise – ie more than plain activity. Apparently.
  10. Some minor and uninteresting updates to Polar Flow. Go on, click, you know you want to 😉

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