OPINION: Garmin Edge 820 – Inevitable?

What’s This Then?


A: Yes.

Inevitable AND Real…look <HERE> from 14 Jun 2016 and several new images <here> from 15 June 2016..

The following was written in 2015…

I read a bit of speculation elsewhere about the potential Garmin Edge 820; the two years since the 810 are up. It got me thinking that an announcement for Spring 2016 could be on the cards.

Black Friday’s discounted Edge 520 got me wondering why Garmin would discount that product now? Sure discount all the tat like everyone else but the Edge 520 is good. Hey, I’d mostly even recommend the 520 to friends and family!!

If you tie in a lower priced 520 with a new 820 and then WAHOO’s release of the ELEMNT (early 2016) might be dented somewhat.

What might the 820 offer over the 810?

  • ANT+ FE-C trainer control
  • Bigger, better, colour Touch-Screen?
  • Better battery
  • All the Bluetooth-smartphone stuff
  • Bluetooth Sensor support (just kidding 🙂 )
  • Improved routes
  • Radar/Light/VARIA support
  • Improved metrics (eg W’bal) – probably not unless via IQ.
  • Full Cycling Dynamics support
  • Autosync, segments, better analysis,
  • Lactate Threshold, VO2, time/distance/power predictions,
  • ConnectIQ
  • A nice price tag and lots of goodies that will make you a much faster cyclist. Maybe. Perhaps. Not.

What won’t be included

  • Bluetooth sensor support
  • Bestbikesplit type pacing
  • Audio prompts/music – dangerous!

Once we’ve seen the 820 and a Garmin Swim 2 then, coupled with the 630, we can confidently predict what will be in the Fenix4/930XT later in 2016 🙂 or 2017 🙁 .

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8 thoughts on “OPINION: Garmin Edge 820 – Inevitable?

  1. Will be worth to opt for this model instead of edge 1000, or edge 810?

    I’m only looking for good stats and navigation maps.

    Lack of buttons can be a serious problem?


  2. My god, what a long wait!!!!

    July the 1st and still no Edge 820?

    Edge 810 discontinued; Edge 1000 too old and expensive, Wahoo Elemnt… well is not an Edge a not great maps and turn-by-turn navigation…

    What to doooooo???!!!

    1. ELEMNT, hopefully will have my review out soon. I would imagine some form of coinciding the 820 with the TdF…but it could be as far away as October. I don’t know.

      1. Ok, I will wait for your review. I didn’t like the maps interface, the lack of turn-by-turn navigation, the GPS positioning time and precision would be as much as good as Garmin… And also, it will be more difficult to install “good” maps by our own, as there is a lot of information on Garmin, but not Wahoo….

        TdF is already started… and I think there would be more sales now in summer, when people have time to go out and cycle.

        If it has been presented in the “Varia” show… Everyone will now that it exists, and people could start thinking that they on’t bring it to the market due to serious firmware problems…

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