STRYD Compatibility: Suunto, Garmin, Polar [Chest Strap Version]

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STRYD: Garmin 920XT, Suunto AMBIT 3 SPORT, Polar V800
STRYD: Garmin 920XT, Suunto AMBIT 3 SPORT, Polar V800

EDIT: Info here is superceded and different for the STRYD footpod. Info in the review. Linked to here:

STRYD Review 2020 🥇 STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter Footpod, Detailed


There is some degree of compatibility between the STRYD running power meter pod and almost all Bluetooth SMART and ANT+ devices.

Precise compatibility is complicated because of all the devices available; you will most likely be using one of the 3 watches pictured above, or a Fenix 3.

There are certain ‘channels’ of data accepted by the watch. Any given watch will only have a certain number of channels. NONE of the watches yet has a special channel for POWER DATA when in RUNNING mode.

DECEMBER 2015: Suunto are expected to announce a firmware version giving PROPER, full support for the AMBIT3 Sport – may be different for other AMBIT3 models.

So currently you have to either:

  1. Use your device in cycling mode (Polar V800, Garmin 920XT, Suunto AMBIT3 SPORT);
  2. Compromise one of your existing channels eg change HR for POWER or CADENCE for POWER (lower models); or
  3. Just use your device to DISPLAY BUT NOT SAVE power data (Garmin 920XT/Fenix 3 using IQ Connect fields in run mode).

For the above watches, the STRYD pod may appear as a multitude of different device types that you can pair to. PAIR IT TO THE POWER POD OPTION ONLY AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU ATTACH IT TO THE CORRECT SPORT/EQUIPMENT PROFILE – otherwise it won’t work.


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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