Review: Feetures Elite Light Cushion

Feetures! Elite Light Cushion Review
Feetures! Elite Light Cushion

The Feetures! Elite Light Cushion running socks are marketed as a patented, technically advanced sock.

Positives: Very comfortable. they are anatomically ‘correct’ with no toe seem.

The ‘Power Arch’ is a mid-foot/arch compression feature. This adds to the feel that the sock is gripping to the right place and staying there. This will reduce the chance of blisters.

Theoretically a lighter sock will make you a tiny bit faster.

Some lighter ‘invisible’ socks that are not visible above the shoeline often lead to irritation and blistering above the heel. The Feetures! have a heel tongue to stop this.

Negatives: As the name suggests, the Elite Light are fairly thin and light socks. They are probably better suited to middle distance running and shorter events..

Comments: I’m currently unable to comment on long term durability. After 10 runs/washes they are going strong. I will update this later in the year if there is anything of note to report. If their durability lives up to expectations then they will also become a useful training partner as well as a racing sock. The lack of a toe seem requires a more expensive production process. Feetures! also make other socks including thicker ones with bamboo and Merino+ wool blends as well as performance models that include superior wicking fabric construction.

Alternatives: Many.

Detailed Review: n/a

Prices: Available from Runner’s Need and Sweatshop for £13.99

Verdict: These socks are priced around the same level as other high-end, technical socks. They are an excellent fit. Whilst light socks might really make you very marginally faster, their main benefit lies in their comfort AND their ability to remain in the correct position whilst running. You probably won’t buy 14 pairs of these but I’m sure many runners would appreciate a pair of these as their racing sock present for Christmas. Buy.

Declaration: I received these free of charge. They are good though

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