Review – Nathan Fire & Ice Bottle

Nathan Fire Ice Bottle Review
Nathan Fire Ice Bottle Review

OK it’s a water bottle.

Yes, it’s a bottle and, yes, it can carry water (and other liquids).

But, there’s more!

It’s made of a reflective material and has a layer of reflective insulation underneath the clear plastic outer cover.

Positives: As a bottle on your bike it WOULD and DOES add reflective capacity to either side of you. The same is true for runners to a degree too. If you are running with it, your hands will be insulated to a degree from the hot or cold drink you are carrying.

Negatives: It’s a bit big to run with and could have done with being 2/3rds the length. Doesn’t maintain the heat THAT much…it’s NOT a thermos flask.

Comments: The contents retain their temperature for about 20% longer than they otherwise would have. It has a high-flow nozzle. I think it’s 600ml; it doesn’t say.

This Nathan product is one of a series that I am going to review – they are GREAT XMAS stocking fillers (links below). I thought I was the runner that had everything. Nathan have just enlightened me!

Prices: UK £11.97 (click), US $11.63(click).

Disclaimer: I was sent this as a freebie and I intend to keep and use it. This site focusses more on higher-end sport gadgets – I either buy or loan those from the supplier.

Detailed Review: N/A

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