Review – Nathan Strobe Lights: HyperBrite, Orion, Pulsar

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Nathan Pulsar Strobe HyperBrite Orion Review
Nathan Pulsar Strobe HyperBrite Orion Review

Nathan have a neat series of lights for runners.The Pulsar (left) is a shoe-worn, 6 Lu red light.

The HyperBrite (middle) is a clip-on 16 Lu red light.

The Orion (right) is a clip-on-belt (provided) 32 Le read and white light.

All lights have either 3 (Pulsar Strobe) or 4 flashing modes.

Positives: They are highly visible and visible from several hundred metres away.The clips on the HyperBrite and the Orion are great and the one on the Pulsar is a bit less easy to use but perfectly functional. The belt that comes with the Orion is good quality

Negatives: They all take a coin battery, which is fine, but if you have to change those every 4 hours that will be quite annoying so you must effectively use one of th strobe modes. The Orion Strobe DOES have some degree of visibility from each side but the two cheaper models are more limited in that respect.

Comments: They are all IPX4 water resistant and all have a battery life from 4 hours to 40 hours depending on the mode used.. It has a light sensor and when it detects a car’s lights it will go into strobe mode. You can switch between light modes by waving your hand in front of the sensor – ie no need to touch the device once you are running. Up to 25 hours use in dim mode but significantly less (ie less than 4 hours) in the bright modes.

This Nathan product is one of a series that I am going to review – they are GREAT XMAS stocking fillers (links below). I thought I was the runner that had everything. Nathan have just enlightened me!


Disclaimer: I was sent this as a freebie and I intend to keep and use it. This site focusses more on higher-end sport gadgets – I either buy or loan those from the supplier.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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