Henley Swim & River Arun Swim

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OWS Henley Swim
OWS Henley Swim: not a paid for ad, go to their site

I just wrote about my race plans for next year and didn’t have the Henley Swim in (Sun 10th July 2016). My plans might change and, to be honest, I also forgot to add in the River Arun 3.8km swim.

Henley has various distances: 2.1k upstream and a 14k bridge to bridge (I’ll NOT be doing that!!) and the Henley Mile (that’s more like it).

River Arun (Sat 18th June 2016) benefits from being Ironman distance. Although with a good tidal flow and swimming downstream very many of you should be easily able to do it in under an hour.

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    1. well. put like that. YES !! 🙂 Tho ask that bloke the other year from NZ who swam around the boats in Hammersmith…he got deported. £50 would be a small price to stay in the country for him. (re: boat race)

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