Garmin 920XT Firmware (beta) update

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STRYD: Garmin 920XT, Suunto AMBIT 3 SPORT, Polar V800

My cynicism about cash-grabbing Garmin has waned somewhat of late. With the fairly recent HRM4-TRI/HRM4-SWIM caching of swim data I was very pleasantly surprised. And now we have the advanced running metrics in beta.

I downloaded the v6.13 beta firmware today which ALSO updated my HRM4-TRI and HRM-RUN (HRM3-RUN ???). So now I have a new screen set up to have a look at Stride Length, cadence (existing) and Ground Contact Time balance (asymmetry)

Both could quite easily have waited for a 930XT. Nice.

If we’re not careful we might soon have running-power fully and properly supported.

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