OK folks don’t get too excited. Stop. Calm Down.

This is just a concept or mock-up from Mihail Shelkunov. So IT’s NOT A REAL AMBIT4. However we are due for a real AMBIT 4 (Spartan?) next year, I hope, along with several other exciting goodies. If/When? I have no idea, ask Suunto.

I like the AMBIT3 but Mihail’s re-envisaging clearly shows how the AMBIT could be greater still even with ‘just’ a beefed up UI.

I have to say, Mihail, I’d wear one! Nice job.

Earlier in 2015 this forum reported a new package design from an Italian company being ordered for a new Ambit.

Please note that designers often do such similar mock ups although most often for mainstream products like the Apple Watch where there were many, many concepts ‘hatched’. Sorry if I’ve offended you in any way bringing you here; it’s just a nice piece of credited/linked design work around the gadgets we love; hopefully the post title was clear enough.

Source: Mihail Shelkunov (https://www.behance.net/Shmv)

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