Polar Intrigue or Polar Opposite? Strava?

Polar M450 Cycling Computer
Polar M450 Cycling Computer

It’s rare that a firmware update is intriguing. Welcome; perhaps. Tardy; perhaps. Feature-full; perhaps. But ‘intriguing’, c’mon!

Polar’s M450 is ‘preparing for upcoming software releases’ (below). I’m not sure why the firmware couldn’t be released at the same time as the ‘upcoming software releases’. Presumably this upcoming stuff will be on Flow? It could be on the Flow Sync – but that was updated recently anyway.

Perhaps it is a portent of things to come? Partly heralding significant new changes in the New Year? New models? New, improved Polar Flow? Or just finally STRAVA-link working!




Firmware update for Polar M450

Firmware version 1.1.3 for Polar M450 was released today. This release brings mandatory ‘behind the scenes’ fixes which prepares your M450 for the upcoming software releases.

For detailed release notes visit Polar M450 Release Notes

Happy training!

-Team Polar

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