NEW Garmin Connect Insights Announced

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Well, Garmin Conenct insights have been announced but they don’t look that exciting. (See excerpt from press release below). There’s also been a heads-up-display announced for displaying cycling data – who said you had enough gadgets?

The connect insights seem to be step and sleep analysis. I can’t really see how insightful they will be for sleep unless HR is properly tracked when sleeping. The smartcoaching links might be interesting but I imagine will be around the low-level activity stuff rather than some of the insights I had hoped for moving Connect towards what Training Peaks and the like can do for us.

Whelmed. neither under- nor over-.



“We’re excited to introduce Garmin Connect Insights to support, motivate, and connect with our users more than ever,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “Insights enhances users’ experience tracking and analyzing data with personalized recommendations and motivation specifically for them.”

Garmin Connect Insights’ personalized recommendations are pushed to users based on their Garmin Connect data. Wellness insights at launch include sleep analysis and goal prediction, which features analysis of users’ daily step trends, predicted step total and cues reminding them to get up and move if they aren’t on track to meet their daily step goal. Insights also features suggested supporting videos or news articles to provide users with smart coaching, and congratulatory messages when milestones are reached, providing a virtual high-five to users for extra encouragement to beat yesterday in their pursuit of fitness goals. Utilizing data collected from the Garmin Connect community for over a decade, Insights is able to show users how their data stacks up against the average person their age and gender. At launch this will include benchmarks for step totals with more comparisons coming soon.

Garmin Connect Insights will be available in January with additional Insight wellness features rolling out through 2016.

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