Fitbit Blaze – doh! what’s going on here then?


Well it looks very nice. Not quite sure what fitbit are trying to do here though. First-off it looks a bit like a thinned down version of the Garmin Epix, second it doesn’t have GPS (links to smartphone for that), third it’s not what they do.

Looks much higher tech than previous offerings (more to go wrong) and it will be designed to appeal to the Apple/Samsung/higher-end of the market. Different customer base!! Different Price point!! Different, different. then again what do I know?

It looks very nice tho!

Edit: Thanks @RJP, you’re right (well we both are) – see below and


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4 thoughts on “Fitbit Blaze – doh! what’s going on here then?

  1. maybe be developed way back in fear of the apple watch would grab their market share, maybe just a gap filler, maybe more in the sleeve for later on in 2016 … (I don’t have any insights just guessing here)

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