Performance Enhancement: Currants show increased lactate tolerance AGAIN

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Mark Willems (University of Chichester) has published some research papers recently showing CURRANZ blackcurrant capsules do the following:

  • Ability to burn more fat Participants showed increases of up to 27% at moderate cycling intensity, and 15% at low intensity
  • Reduced carbohydrate demand Participants used 11.5% less carbohydrate
  • Ability to tolerate higher lactate Participants had elevated lactate values, meaning they could exercise harder before tiring

My experiences with CURRANZ (here) and a promocode to buy more cheaply (here – applied automatically on checkout).


“Substrate oxidation by New Zealand blackcurrant during cycling: A dose-response study” MD Cook, VC Edwards, SD Myers, ML Gault, MET Willems Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences, University of Chichester, United Kingdom.

Peer Reviewed (here).

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Interesting, thanks for the link to the study as I hadn’t come across this supplement before. From a performance point of view it looks quite interesting used as a “race day” supplement due to the fact there doesn’t appear to be an effect on Lactate at the lower VO2max workouts, but a relatively large (for longer events) effect during a time trial.

The higher fat % use from training is interesting to observe as well, could be useful in January for burning off the excess turkey 🙂


Yes I fall into the 10+ hours a week, following a Polarised training plan for rowing so would certainly be nice to have something to help recover from the HIIT sessions!