Polar V800 – New Colours ?

New Polar V800 Strap Colours

New Polar V800 Strap Colours

This HAS been photoshopped, not by me I hasten to add. Rumour has it that Polar are looking to add new strap colours to the V800 (this was from several months ago).

What do you want? New strap colours or a V850/V900 ? 🙂

Although, of course, one option is MUCH easier to do that the other.

Perhaps this may be announced at CES 2016?

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GPSRumors (@gpsrumors)

I’m surprised there was never a yellow model like the RC3 GPS and RC5 but at this point Polar need an actual colour v800 with colour screen. Everything else can be the same down to the software if they like and just use colour for some graphics. At this point, even at £196 (current Amazon price) I won’t buy a v800 because it’s too old and likely to be replaced. It’s a shame, I’ve always wanted one, but next to the Fenix 3 the v800 looks a very poor offering.