Bizarre currants and technique balance day.

discount curranz review new zealand blackcurrantsI’ve been whinging to myself a fair bit recently about my technique. Or lack thereof. My cycling seems to show a left favouring and my running feels awful but seems to show a good balance and my swimming technique is just rubbish (ish).

So I’ve been stretching a bit. Well, a lot.

To tie in the curranz (see yesterday’s articlette on improved lactate and increased fat usage), I hadn’t been using curranz for a while because of reduced training volumes due to injuries and, of course, there being no races.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday bike session (one hour tempo) felt like a vaguely hard endurance effort. Power levels don’t usually lie. Yep they were right … Z4 – well I was back on the TT bike with the elliptical crank which supposedly overestimates power a bit with my Favero bePro power meter. And whilst HR levels do sometimes lie, there I was right up in Z4 too. *BUT* It felt MUCH, MUCH easier than it has for the last few weeks. like Z2/Z3 easy. Theory: body was able to get energy to muscles better.

Maybe the christmas training has started to pay off? Maybe I like my TT bike’s position better (true)? or maybe the curranz made a difference? 2 zones worth?

Also my bike power balance was back to normal. Obviously that wasn’t the curranz and more likely the factors just mentioned. Cue smiley face 🙂

But now my running shows a right-favouring imbalance. Sigh! 🙁

Anyway. Look at this link about some of the recent science behind blackcurrant concentrate and if you are in the market for a power meter then the bepro‘s pretty cheap and pretty accurate.

Note: I get the occasional free sample from the curranz people (and I use it because I think it works). I get nothing if you buy a bePro power meter other than the imagined satisfaction of lots of cyclists out there getting better – except the one’s in my age group…YOU don’t buy a power meter OR use curranz.



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