CES 2016 Watch of the Week

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And the winner is….The Fitbit Blaze (just kidding). Actually it’s not THAT bad. Just that it’s bad for Fitbit.

And the real winner is … wait for it… the CASIO.

Bet you never thought I’d say that. Actually a week ago I bet I never would have thought I would say that. Normally I/we slate the Garmin 920XT for looking like a (1970s) Casio but this is Ok. It’s a nice Casio IMO. Here goes…

Casio Outdoor WSD-F10

It’s an outdoors, hiking, smart, android-wear, activity, thingy. It does a bit of runnkeeper-running and cycling and somehow helps with fishing and tide tables and sunrise times.

It has 2 screens! apparently an energy-saving thing with one and super quality with the other and this is an Android Wear watch…the first use of it’s kind. We love a bit of innovation.

It’s got a sneaky little Bluetooth 4.1 (point one) interface. It looks rugged and well-made with good water resistance. Don’t sell your Suunto just yet though, with no GPS (doh! – presumably it will use your phone’s GPS) at £300 it’s coming in a tad high for what it is and it’s quite big (but light). The price will fall soon enough.


Q: Will I return my free sample from Casio

A: They won’t send me one

Q. Will I go out and buy one

A. No.

Q. What prize does it win.

A. Err. I’m thinking.

Kudos maybe.

Other contenders. No, not really. I’m glad I stayed at home.

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