London Tow Paths, Half Marathon, Mega Bike Ride

Grand Union
On a sunnier day

I had a bit of a mad day on Saturday in the rain.

One of those ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time moments’

Of course, in hindsight, they never are.

The plan was 90 ish (that means a bit less) minutes running followed by 4 and a half hours or so of riding on canal and river tow paths in London. I figured that I would irk fewer walkers in Winter as they would be at home in the warmth and dryness, watching the iplayer. I was right. They were at home for a very good reason.

Anyway January 2016 London is not so cold. Even a whimp like me can make it out onto the roads (or paths in this case).

Starting out the ride somewhere on the Grand Union Canal near Hays (Middx) I progressed to the River Brent, joining the Thames Tow Path and then heading East before heading up the River Lee (I think?) past the Velodrome. It was pretty amazing to go from West to East London seeing very, very few cars. And getting soaking wet. Some pretty great scenery along with a veritable flotilla of canal boats (and towpath puddles galore) which I am sure would be even nicer in the Summer…but the crowds of walkers would slow down the pace somewhat. At this time of year it was slippery but fairly speedy going.

I think I ended up somewhere near Hackney Marshes in anticipation of May’s Hackney Half Marathon maybe? At which point I had no feeling in my feet and progressed home by public transport. Probably annoying more people as the dried mud started to fall of me and my bike. Next weekend? A parkun, far easier! Perhaps.

Despite being a regular to London for many years I’d never really explored the towpaths other than for the Thames…highly recommended. Give it a go (MTB-cum-wide-tyred hybrid)

Anyway the 90 minutes run was part of training for the Hackney Half Marathon in May and the Brick/Bike was in preparation for something long this year. I’m not decided yet on what to do and of course the longer I leave it the more my options will be limited.

Curranz again came into the fore and there are still no aches 2 days later. (I don’t really do the long stuff much so anticipated DOMS).



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