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Camera-HRVHere are some links to popular ithlete HRV posts over the last year or so (they are all external links away from this site)

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A good list, another interesting study relating to HRV looked into the potential for using your HRV to pick whether you should do Volume (high HRV reading) or Intensity (low HRV reading) that day

One thing I would like to see with HRV readings is making it easier to track them, personally I find it difficult to use either a HR strap or smartphone app first thing in the morning (often trying to get up without waking up the other half) so something like a fitbit that can be worn 24/7 and just read HRV automatically would be perfect


I’m an active HRV user since 1.5 years. I found it not always easy to interprete the results, as HRV measurement itself can be very sensitive. But… I find it great tool/possibility to discover myself and to manage my training with it.

This here ( I found helpful too.