Power Zones – why is it so difficult – not for STRYD

StrydOK. Sometimes the CP tests are hard to execute but you have to do them eventually.

What annoys me is that virtually all of the software packages that I’ve used do not encompass the whole Critical Power testing into one complete ‘process’.

And by that, I mean a guided or explained workout where you are told what to do and then which creates and saves your training zones afterwards. It relieves you of the hassle of having to workout your zones (or find a web page that does) and THEN input them into your device.

Whilst all of that is not a massive pain-in-the-proverbial it is still mildly inconvenient; and with all the tech we have and the good money we have paid for it, that automation should be there already.

Well. Some great (OK, well GOOD news) news from STRYD. That’s EXACTLY what they are planning to do in the very near future. KUDOS to them. Nice.


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