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This interesting little package arrived in the post today from DNAFit. Despite my love of gadgets I also love gaining insights into what makes me tick. The cynics amongst you will, no doubt, direct me to the nearest psychiatrist. However I’d much rather stick a swab in my mouth and wiggle it around for a minute before sending the gunk it collects off to a company to analyse my DNA.

I’ve done this sort of thing before for the purposes of ancestry tracing and simply because is just sounded interesting.

However this time I will see what I think of the manufacturers claims to be able to assess, in their words, an “in-depth panel of genetic variants associated with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing to help you refine how you train, eat and live.”

I’m a little sceptical AND a little hopeful AND a little intrigued. I’ll discuss it in more depth when I get the results back and I will have a go at pre-empting the results to see if what I think and what their science says agrees.

NB: I obviously can’t return this. It is a freebie. I think the retail value is about £100 or so. Click the link above for details, or check back here in a few weeks.

Here’s a manufacturer video:

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Interesting topic… I’m fairly skeptical, little hopeful and very intrigued.