LIMITS Power Meter and more – Leak

LIMITS Technology Power Meter (Box)
LIMITS Technology Power Meter (Box)

A little bird has told me that tonight will see the public unveiling of the LIMITS Technology power meter at the Spokes RT dinner. IE the box (to the right) WITH a shiny piece of metal, or two, in it that works!

Super Cool.

Looks like the doubters may be proved wrong but ‘little birds’ are not always reliable sources of salacious gossip. Or, in this case, general bits of cycling tech trivia!

No doubt the cycling press will now be on the first train up the East Coast Mainline to Edinburgh to cover a potential good news cycling story from a UK manufacturing company.

Or not.

I would love to hear of anyone’s experiences if they get deliveries from the first batch. (In fact even more than the original 2000 backers would love to hear that info too!).

In other news

Further rumours abound of YET MORE new products/entrants into the power meter market. Watch this space.

The power meter market is a great one. A genuinely useful product. LOTS of cyclists who might want one. ‘Not many’ cyclists have got – small number in the grand scheme of the cycling market. Relatively cheap to manufacture (post-R&D) and quite high resale value.

For the larger companies; if you want to publically see ‘forward looking information’ before anyone else then the first place to go will always be their press office/release (sometimes the blogs get the info straight away, sometimes it takes a bit longer). No blogger, including me, who works under an NDA will publish info unless they are allowed to by the manufacturer – some of whom are WAY more control-freaky than others. No names.

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