Samsung Triathlon SM-R150 Images

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We covered this a few months back. Now there is some more meat on the bone with these linked images from Tizen Café.

This is another no-news really story so don’t get excited, the snappily named SM-R150 is likely to be a mid-market band or low-end triathlon device. One of the images I haven’t shown seems to imply that the watch face and band can be removed and what’s left can then be worn as an over-sized button. Handy if you lose a button.

The goldy-cream bit is not so nice but that can be easily changed. the meat of the device is the screen and then the capabilities behind it. The screen certainly looks to be of a great quality/resolution a-la-Apple Watch.

Might this be my next Samsung purchase?

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you are always well informed! 🙂