the Box is FULL – LIMITS Power Meter…working. shock Horror

Some tweeted images showing the LIMITS power meter, ahem, working.

Whether or not it’s accurate/consistent is of course another matter. But it’s more real than several of the bits of vapourware that cross my desk each month.

Ye of little faith.


So either the box is full or 100% not empty. Depends how you see it.

In the picture, below, one thing I see is ‘potential’ 🙂

LIMITS Technology Power Meter (Box)
LIMITS Technology Power Meter (Box)


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3 thoughts on “the Box is FULL – LIMITS Power Meter…working. shock Horror

  1. So how do you think shifting the pedals out by 1cm on one or both sides (or whatever the unit size would be) would affect a rider? A change in riding position, using the muscles slightly differently or do you think it would be negligible?

    1. You’ll see this referred to as the Q-factor. It makes the ‘stance’ wider which will help some people and hinder others to SOME degree. It will also make the bike marginally closer to the ground on cornering. I suspect in both cases it will make only a small difference to most ‘normal’ riders – but I confess to not knowing the answer.

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