Polar Price Tumble Continues

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Polar prices continue to fall with today’s all-time bargain of the V650 at a mere £131 WITH A HR strap. That’s even lower than the cyber-Mondayish 2015 price and comes after similar discounting on the V800 (top-end triathlon watch, below £200) and the M400 running smartwatch.

The V650 is the navigational bike computer with a larger screen than the compact M450 cycling computer.

Once again the discounting leads us to suggest that new announcements from Polar are forthcoming (either than or there is a lot of Xmas stock to clear). With the recent optical HR on the A360 smart band bets might be on an optical version of the M400 (or V800) using that same technology, rather than a new watch (which would probably major on a better screen resolution amongst other things).

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